About Avant-garde©

Avant-garde-tile®, an innovative concept in Glazed Ceramic floor and wall tile and in the Tile Design market, it is born of the study  of the trends  in  decoration, the regional preferences  as well  as  the  classification  in which  the  trade  of  Ceramic  Tiles  works, always  looking for new ideas and parameters,  breaking up with the traditional  concept, obtaining  a competitive  unique  advantage,  giving an added  value  to  our designs  over  those  that  are  conceived  and  manufactured  at a  world  level. We are doing an effort to give you a glance of our entire spectrum of projects (more than 8,000 designs) as soon as possible. Weather you are a Tile Manufacturer, a Supplier of Ceramic Glazes or an Arquitect looking for a tile surface to include in  your project, we offer  our creations to be used along with your products, you  will have a new, fresh and  unique  tile  concepts, worth their price,  always at  your  disposition, and better…….. exclusive for you.

You can reach us by movil: +52 1 8718872929 . We are based in Torreon, Coah, Mexico and we are looking forward to hearing from you. You can contact us as well in our main e-mail address: